Downton Abbey Party and Recipes

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Sunday night was the Downton Abbey Season 4 premiere and for months, I’ve been planning to have an elegant dinner/tea party to celebrate.


I confessed to my husband that I’ve always wanted to have a frou-frou tea party to celebrate my birthday, but who throws a birthday party for themselves? So this gave me the PERFECT excuse!


We had a lot of elegant fun, and some food that would’ve made Mrs. Patmore proud!

photo 19

My sister brought hats and boas from the boutique she used to own. Dressing up was every bit as much fun as it was when I was a little girl. Maybe even more so.

photo 13 photo 21

We even had a proper footman to serve us! Meet Elias, valet-wanna-be…

photo 20

Our menu was fairly simple and included several British favorites, such as asparagus soup, Yorkshire pudding, and mashed “tatties”.

photo 17

Here are the recipes that were requested from last night’s affair. (Click to see them larger.)

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did! All of us agreed that this must become an annual tradition!

Long Live Downton!

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