Gas mask, anyone?

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So, I’m just sitting here with my headphones on, happily writing this week’s column and listening to David Cook sing “Music of the Night” (ahh, be still my soul!) when suddenly…an acrid, almost metallic odor fills my nostrils.

I turn the volume down and hear hubby spraying something in the living room. I ask what the heck he is doing, and find out that he’s going nuts with the bottle of flea spray. We use Frontline/Advantage on all the pets, but he is convinced that a flea bit his ankle earlier tonight. Therefore, he decided that his bedtime would be a good time to SATURATE the living room in flea spray…forgetting that one of us was still up working.

Can I smack him? Please? That stuff reeks like some kind of chemical refinery and I get to inhale it for the next few hours because, with my deadlines, there’s no way I’m going to bed anytime soon.

Men. Gotta love ‘em.

We call her “Honey”

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‘Cause she’s so sweet (most of the time)!  ;-)  I interviewed my grandmother last week for an article that was published in this week’s Conyers/Covington News and Advertiser. She loves sharing stories about her childhood, and I thought it was interesting to hear about these things, particularly considering the state of our nation’s economy.

Click below to read it…


Our herpetological weekend

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Ahh, summer in Georgia. The birds are singing, bees are humming, and my back yard abounds with reptilian and amphibian life. Thankfully, no snakes have been sighted yet, but we had two little visitors this weekend. First, let me introduce Tom Jones Slimy Allen, Jr. (Yup, there’s a story there…)

This little guy’s shell was less than two inches long. Poor thing was crawling around the patio but when it saw us, it cowered in the corner. After much pleading and begging to keep him, I made Zach come in and read online WHY it’s never a good idea to keep a wild turtle as a pet. So Zach reluctantly relocated TJSA Jr. to a safe area in our front yard.

I knew from experience that it was better to just let little turtles run free. When I was about Eli’s age, we found a small turtle in our backyard. Mom let us keep him in an outdoor planter box. I named him Tom Jones (after a favorite singer) Slimy (because he was a reptile, ya know?) Allen (our last name). Poor TJSA Sr. died…probably of shock, or perhaps because Al Gore hadn’t yet invented that miracle called the internet where one could find out exactly how to care for a little turtle. Anyway, the boys love hearing that story and they said that maybe this turtle was a distant cousin to his namesake. LOL! Maybe…you never know.

Anyway, that was the reptile part of the weekend. Last night, we drained our kiddy pool and when Donnie went out to scrub it this morning, he found this fat boy lounging in the few remaining inches of water.

Isn’t the pattern on his back pretty?

Anyhow, Donnie had to fish him out of the water. Froggie did not want to leave the water, but eventually he hopped out. This joker was as big around as my palm. Then I enjoyed witnessing a pure redneck moment as my three guys tried to catch him. Poor frog ended up hopping through the fence, but then the crazy thing came back for more. He was like, “Oh yeah, I’m the man, you can’t catch me!” Eventually I made everyone come inside and scrub their hands. Don’t want frog cooties all over the house, ya know?

Crazy Little Man

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Oh dear…my little goofball is wearing his “earring” again today. I don’t think Donnie has noticed yet, because if he had, chances are it would be “Bye bye bling!”

Eli’s bling-bling

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Today we visited our new friends, Lori, John and Alana. (Hi guys!) Lori and I are both teaching art at our homeschool group this year, and we needed to do some serious planning and supply shopping for the year ahead. Our kids got along wonderfully, and Alana gave Eli some stick-on gems…little sparkly bits that girls wear as earrings or fingernail accessories. Eli insisted on wearing a blue one on one earlobe, like an earring.

That would’ve never happened if his father was with us at the time, but personally, I’m just not going to make a big deal out of stuff like that. So we went grocery shopping afterward, and Zach was just MORTIFIED that I let his brother go into the store like that. I had to threaten Zach with the loss of his Xbox to get him to stop moaning on and ON about how embarrassed he was. For Pete’s sake, the gem was small and Eli’s hair kind of curls around his ears. I didn’t think anyone would notice it.

Well, there were a couple of younger men working there, from another ethnic group, who had rather large “diamond” studs in their ears. And they thought Eli was the coolest thing ever. We kept running into them and they were calling him “Little Man” and complimenting his earring. Eli was all puffed up with this “Oh yeah, I’m so cool!” air about him while Zach just walked around with his jaw agape, not believing that his brother was getting positive attention for having stuck a little girl’s gemstone sticker on his earlobe.

Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was hilarious!

Of course, later in the car, when Eli asked when he could get a REAL earring, I told him that when he’s 21 and/or no longer living in our house, it would be his choice. Until then…I don’t think so!