If you’re nuts about tips…

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(That subject line could inspire quite a variety of mental images, couldn’t it?)

I wish I could blog about fascinating topics, such as world travel, organic wines, and the joys of Manolo Blahnik shoes. But my mind is usually focused on this life here in middle-class suburbia, deep in the trenches of motherhood. So yeah, I get excited over things like the website I found today. It’s called www.tipnut.com and it’s very cool, especially if you flunked out of Home Economics in middle school. (Which, I did not, by the way. I did fail regular Economics…twice…and only passed the third time because I kinda had a little help on the final exam.) :oops:

Tipnut.com has been added to my “Favorite Peeps” list. Someday I’ll tell you the stories behind some of the people on my favorites list. That day is not today. :-D

Anyway, if you’re trying to figure out how to do something around the house, go to Tipnut. I have no idea if these links will work, but recent entries include:

Over 40 Mosquito Bite Itch Relief Tips

Quick Tips For Kitchen Cleaning

Covered Kitchen Cabinets: DIY Project

35 Cool Watermelon Carvings & Fun Ideas

Cause it’s summer, ain’t it, and I can just hear you sitting out on the back porch last night, gazing over your garden, saying, “I don’t know about you Bubba, but I surely do think it’d be fun to go carve a picture into one of them there watermelons.”

Holy cow, a carrot!

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Eli actually ate a raw baby carrot for the first time tonight. Then he went really crazy and devoured another. Then he asked for some ranch dressing to dip them in. All total, he ate four or five baby carrots.

If you’ve never had a picky eater, you probably think I’m nuts for being so overjoyed! (Most of you probably question my sanity, regardless!) Donnie and I have both always loved raw fruits and veggies, but our sons just never got into them. For Zach, I think it’s a texture thing coupled with a quick gag reflex. (He does fine with cooked vegetables.) In Eli’s case, who knows? Maybe a little of the same. Eli has such a huge sweet tooth that it’s always cause for celebration when he falls in love with a healthy snack.

I guess it’s true…if you just keep exposing them to it, eventually they’ll give it a try. Then again, ten years of that with Zach and he’s still never made it past one miniscule bite of anything raw. :-?


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I’m in the bathroom with the door closed.

Eli: Mom, do you want the heart-shaped lollipop I found in the computer drawer?

(Eww, gross–a sucker left over from Valentine’s Day!)

Me: Umm, no. I don’t want it.

Eli: Well, can I have it?

Me: Umm, well, I guess so.

Eli: ‘Cause I already put it in my mouth.

I laughed.

Eli: Thanks, mom!

I emerged from the bathroom a minute later, and saw a sucker-less Eli, quietly watching TV.

Me: Where’s that lollipop you just asked me about?

Eli: I ate it!

Eli has never known the concept of licking a lollipop and making it last. He takes one or two licks, then demolishes it like the Tasmanian Devil. I cringe at the sound of his teeth crunching through hard candy…it sounds like he’s chewing glass.

I really liked how he asked me if I wanted the candy AFTER he’d already put it in his mouth. Smart kid!

No, not the Avatar!

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AvatarYou don’t know how much it pains me to admit this: I actually watched a whole episode of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” tonight. And it wasn’t because I was just in the room and it happened to be on. And it wasn’t like last Friday night, when I caved and let the boys watch it while eating dinner in the living room simply because I was too frustrated and outnumbered to insist that we watch something a little less soaked in testosterone.

Tonight was different.


The Sarcastic Contender Speaketh

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I haven’t felt very well today, so it’s been a lazy day of naps, television viewing and web surfing. I just found a funny site for when you have time to kill. Go to www.quizopolis.com and click “Name Generator”.

My Superhero name: The Invincible Phantom

My Not So Care Bear name: Bad Luck Bear

My Cute name: Nookummoogliepums (say what?)

My Spring Fairy Name: Lily Garden-Spirit

My Gideon Dafoe Pirate Name: The Pirate with the Website (HA!!)

My (ordinary?) Pirate Name: Captain Slightly Singed Beard Of the pirate ship Matzo Balls

Smurf Name: Sweet Toothed Smurf

Redneck Name: Bobby-Sue Pigpusher

Princess Name: Kari the Respected, Princess of Eltano

Villainess Name: The Merciless Shadow  (I like that one!)

And finally, perhaps the funniest, best-fitting of all, my Ninja Name:

The Sarcastic Contender! :twisted: