A Peek Inside the Male Brain

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I lit some candles and incense about an hour ago. No, I’m not setting the scene for some kind of ritual. The dogs were freaking out over the thunder and wanted to be close to their people, and the dogs smell like, well, dogs. Hence the need for powerful air-freshening.

So, this was an HOUR ago, and Eli just now came running up to me, “MOM! Something’s burning! I smell fire and smoke!” He and Zach were so busy focusing on their play that it took a whole hour for their brains to register the shift in our home’s fragrance.

Zach’s reaction to Eli’s outburst? “What smell? I don’t smell anything.”

(Note to self: Get that child to an allergist, soon!)

But, BUT, while the male senses are basically immune to the loveliness of scented candles, they are ever so tuned-in to technology.


Yeah, that’s my boy!

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Zach’s standardized test scores came in the mail while we were in Florida. I know I shouldn’t, but I still tend to doubt myself a bit in regard to my ability to homeschool the kids. I have so much of myself invested in doing this…if they don’t succeed, then as their teacher, I have failed too, know what I mean? So I’m always on pins and needles waiting for test results.

It was a huge relief to see that Zach did really well!!!

It’s kind of hard to explain the way this particular test is structured, but the summary is that he scored average to high in all categories, and shocked the heck out of me by ranking in the 90th national percentile in math!

I’m really proud of him and SO relieved to see proof that he’s doing well. :-D

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

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We are back from a relaxing week in Florida. I attempted to post there from Donnie’s laptop, but every time I tried, the whole site ended up going wonky. More tomorrow…and maybe some photos. For now, I’m going to bed…these kids have just about killed me! :lol:

Gotta love those pop-up thunderstorms

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Zach remembered this afternoon that Eli’s been wanting his Hot Wheels rug back in his room. One of the cats ralphed on it months ago, and I just forgot about it, folded up out on the carport.  :oops:   

It was sunny, so we put it on the back patio, hosed it down, and began scrubbing it with big sponges soaked in soapy water. Then it was like the lights went out and it started raining…huge blobs of rain! We kept scrubbing away, though, laughing about how wet we were getting.

As soon as it started, it stopped, but it’s still rumbling thunder. The wet rug is draped across the fence, so I hope we get a little more sunshine before the day is done. If not, I guess he’ll get to enjoy a dry rug sometime tomorrow. :lol: