What lurks beneath the bed

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When Eli gets home this weekend, he’s in for a surprise.

We’ve been redoing his bedroom, hanging the Star Wars curtains he begged for (but was convinced he’d never get), painting a ceiling fan black to go with the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker fan pulls that came with the curtains, installing a Star Wars light switch cover. He’s going to flip out when he sees it all!

We also decided it would be a good time to put in a different bed. My grandfather had a cool c.1941 metal army bed that we repainted and put in Eli’s room. Besides the sentimentality of this piece, we love it because the bottom of the mattress sits a good foot or so above the floor. And he is not getting a dust ruffle as he had before. Why, you might ask?


For his brother

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Zach made this and asked me to email it to Eli to say “Hello”. He’ll never admit it, but I think he misses his brother a LOT!

If you pray…

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Please remember this family in your prayers.

A friend just told me about another friend of hers who died Saturday morning. They don’t know yet what caused her death; her husband just found her dead on the sofa when he got up on Saturday. I don’t know how old she was, but she must’ve been around my age or younger, as she just gave birth to her second daughter this January. Her other daughter is just a little younger than Zach.

I don’t want to share her name for privacy issues, but please pray for her husband and her daughters. My heart is breaking for them. No one should have to lose their mother at such a young age.

Life is just so fragile, isn’t it? I want to go hug my own kids, but one is sound asleep and the other one is in Florida. :cry:

My apologies

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If you logged on earlier today and saw the raunchy ads that Google had planted in my sidebar, please forgive me! I don’t want to write exactly what they were referring to, as I don’t want to give any search engines more fodder for finding me here.

Let’s just say that one of my columns was about a TV show I like, that comes on Wednesday nights on ABC. It’s about the mother of a family going to be the mother of another family while that woman comes and lives in her house for a while. Another clue: take the opposite of “husband” and the opposite of “keep” and pair them together.

Anyway, apparently Google chose ads based on that ONE column title, and posted crudely-written ads for things that the Bible is pretty clear that men and women shouldn’t do–even if they are married! 8-O

So, no more Google ads. And that’s fine with me! :mrgreen: