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20Mar2013 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

I’ve been experiencing a bit of a bedtime conundrum when it comes to Mr. Jonah. He’s almost three-and-a-half, and stopped taking naps around the age of two. So I’d gotten used to him being exhausted come bedtime, and falling asleep within a few minutes of our lying down together. Yes, I still lay down with… Read more »

This Morning

3Feb2011 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

The baby didn’t go to sleep until 1:00 a.m. so you could say the drama of the morning started then. Poor tot has a head cold and is miserable. I can only think of one thing possibly more miserable than a sick toddler: his parents. I didn’t even try to make him sleep in his… Read more »

See that cute little butt? Yeah, the boy attached to it owns my bed. And this bed ain’t big enough for three. But every time I feel inspired to do the hard work required to get him used to sleeping in his own bed, I end up caving. Thus, this week’s Top Ten list of… Read more »

Poison Ivy

5Oct2010 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

Ugh. Tomorrow’s column mentions briefly Eli’s encounter with poison ivy last week. It’s on the side of his face. I thought he had an infected cut on his cheek and ear, but the doctor said otherwise. Tonight, Zach showed me spots on his arms. He thought they were bug bites. Then I saw a welt… Read more »


6Aug2010 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

So, I get to the funeral home today for the first of my grandmother’s visitations, and Terry, the nice funeral director who assisted us previously, greeted me. “So…what are you, a vampire?” Um…I had no idea what he was talking about. I wasn’t even wearing black! “Huh?” I asked. “I wondered about you when my… Read more »