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Recipe: Salsa Tortilla Soup

1Mar2011 Filed under: Kari's Kitchen

This isn’t like the tortilla soup most are familiar with — the one that uses ground beef, canned tomatoes and a packet of taco seasoning. This is something I threw together one night and we haven’t had in ages. But it is so easy and so good, it’s definitely worth sharing! This recipe makes enough… Read more »


16Feb2011 Filed under: Kari's Kitchen

Sauerkraut. Basically, it’s fermented (some would say “rotten”) cabbage. It’s one of those weird foods that people either love or hate. I grew up eating sauerkraut. My grandfather’s parents were from the Austrian/Ukrainian region of Europe and my great-grandmother Eva taught my grandmother, Honey, to make a lot of their regional dishes. My sauerkraut recipe… Read more »

Recipe: Pizza Dip

14Feb2011 Filed under: Kari's Kitchen

I’ve taken this to a couple of functions and it’s always well-received. And yes, it’s another Handy-Dandy Crock Pot recipe! Can you tell I love my crock pot(s)? Vary it however you like, adding pizza toppings that your family enjoys. Or if you’re a little OCD, make it exactly as it’s written. Because you just… Read more »

Something NEW: Kari’s Kitchen

13Feb2011 Filed under: blah-blah-blog, Kari's Kitchen

Tonight at dinner, I received a nice compliment from my middle son, Eli. This is the child who often walks into the kitchen while I’m cooking and asks, grimacing,  “WHAT is that HORRIBLE smell???” So, when tonight, between shoveling in bites of chicken, he said, “Hey, mom — I think you need a new category… Read more »