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What I Didn’t Know About Uganda

12Oct2015 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

You’re not supposed to live in American abundance and miss a third-world country, are you? But oh, Uganda–how I miss you. If you followed our 2014 journey there to adopt our daughter, Violet, you’re probably snickering because you still remember all my whining and bellyaching over how homesick I was. No doubt, I experienced moments… Read more »

Simply Sensational Six

10Oct2015 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

My littlest blessing, my “bonus baby” that came to us right after I turned 41, is now six years old. That’s just some crazy talk right there. I mean, how did he go from this to this so dang fast? I have loved his preschool years. Of course, they’re not without stress, but 4, 5… Read more »

9-11: I’ll Never Forget

10Sep2015 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

For several years now, on 9-11, I’ve used a variation of this picture as my profile pic on Facebook. Almost 3,000 tiny dots all jammed into a space, a mosaic of black, white and brown. It takes a moment to realize that each white line frames a face. And that every speck of color is… Read more »

Moving My Clip

10Sep2015 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

At Jonah’s school, they use this type of behavior management chart: As you can see, each student’s name is written on a clothespin, or “clip” as they call it. Every child starts the day off on green. But misbehavior can lead to the child moving his or her clip to yellow, or even the dreaded… Read more »

Dear Entitled Offspring

9Sep2015 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

Dear Entitled Offspring, I’ve got a little newsflash for you: your parents’ purpose of existence isn’t to make your life as pleasant, easy and indulged as possible. I realize that’s going to come as a shock to some of you. Maybe even most of you. As you spent long summer day after long summer day… Read more »