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Top Ten Tuesday: Highlights from Monday

27Apr2010 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

I was going to make a “Top Ten Reasons to Not Go to Kroger at 10:00pm on a Monday Night” list, but that—even though it would’ve been a great vent and serve as a warning to my hometown friends—would’ve just been a big fat depressing whine. Today during school time, we read about the Israelites… Read more »


27Nov2009 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

For these blessings I have received… God has been good to me.


17Oct2009 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

I have the best reason ever for neglecting my website for so many days. Meet Jonah Cade… My third son was born on Tuesday, September 29th, after a rather sudden decision by my OB to schedule the surgery that day. He weighed 9 pounds, 1 ounce and was 20 inches long. I have had a… Read more »

Beautiful Morning

20Jul2009 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

Today feels like a gift. The weather is unexpectedly cool for July; cool enough at night that we slept with the windows open and they’re still open this morning. The most refreshing breeze is drifting inside; making it feel more like a September morning than the middle of summer. It just feels amazing! And it… Read more »