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A Most Unlikely Diagnosis

24Aug2016 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

If you’ve been around me in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed me wheezing. If you’re really close to me, you’ve surely noticed that I’m not as active as I used to be. I don’t go for walks anymore. I’m now one of those annoying people who will drive around five minutes just to… Read more »

Look Good for You? No Thanks.

18Nov2015 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

I Googled, and was surprised that I couldn’t find another mom blogger venting about this stupid, stupid song! What is up with that, Moms? I’m not even going to link it, but it’s called “Look Good for You” by Selena Gomez. Any time I hear it, my brain melts into a puddle of lava that… Read more »

On Babies Ruining Bodies

2Jan2014 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

As the new year has arrived, everyone’s thoughts are turning (as they usually do) to fitness and dieting and exercise. I’m beginning to lose count of the number of people I’ve seen sharing this post on Facebook, about how having a baby means that you’ll never have your pre-baby body back again. It’s a sweet… Read more »


4May2013 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

Sometimes I can be a little slow to learn. I haven’t been doing so well lately. My lupus has been flaring a bit. Stress can trigger it, and I’ve been cowering under a heaping ton ‘0’ that lately. I can’t get my mind to stop racing; it just ping-pongs from one issue to another, all… Read more »

Back in my kitchen

10Jul2012 Filed under: blah-blah-blog, Kari's Kitchen

So, I haven’t blogged in weeks, which on these Interwebs is practically forever. It has been crazy-busy around here, with teaching crafts for a week at VBS, and catching a stomach bug two days later, which postponed our leaving for a week’s vacation in Florida by a whole day. We got back from Florida last… Read more »