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Fruit or Poison?

7May2012 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

“A word is dead When it is said, Some say. I say it just Begins to live That day.” – Emily Dickinson I’ve seen this graphic a few times on Pinterest. As a mother, that boy’s expression just breaks my heart. I try to control what comes out of my mouth, but I can’t help… Read more »

Body and Soul

1May2012 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” ― C.S. Lewis Never do I feel this more acutely than when I have to work but want to revel in His goodness. I’m listening to praise music as I write about construction standards for a client. I’m not even moderately interested… Read more »

I’ve had a freelancing job the past few weeks that’s involved writing about Las Vegas restaurants and nightclubs. I’ve only been to Vegas once, and that was to celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday. Want to see a few pics? Sure you do! View from the rooftop of where we stayed, the Marriott Grand Chateau. The… Read more »

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

2Mar2011 Filed under: blah-blah-blog

Time for this poem, I simply have none But when I heard it was his birthday, I thought, “How fun!” What a great excuse to jot down a line To honor a writer so great and so fine! When he said his own name, Seuss didn’t rhyme with moose– Nor loose, noose, juice, goose! But… Read more »

1. Guest-blogging on my friend Leigh DeLozier’s blog tomorrow. 2. Crossing one item off my Bucket List when I attend an art show Saturday night that features one of my pieces. I always wanted to see my stuff in a gallery…this is close enough for me! (Now if I can only convince the hubs to… Read more »